Hypolar Design can provide a wide range of design services to take your business to the next level. The services are broken up into Branding, Product, Print and Website design.


These services can be used to increase sales, client reach and brand awareness. The aim is always to understand exactly what are clients need and tailor the services to ensure the best outcomes are always achieved.



Strong branding is the foundation of any successful business. Now more than ever branding can influence people's choice of business.

We build strong relationships with our clients to get an understanding of who they are, what their aims are, and how they want to be recognized. 


We help to create a detailed brand pack, that can be used as a guide to ensure the new branding is maintained.

Once a clear brand identity has been established, the next part is maintaining the branding throughout your business.

It is essential to maintain consistency with your branding to ensure your identity and values are always clear and recognisable.

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When all of these elements are combined together, your brand will have a recognisable, professional and trustworthy identity.


This will not only draw in more potential clients but help you stand out in competitive industries.


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Product design is becoming more popular and businesses are being formed on fresh ideas and innovative solutions.

We can create detailed product designs, that can be provided to manufactures. This process will involve sketching through ideas, developing mock-ups and producing accurate industry-level designs.

Accurate product drawings are really important as they save time and money when getting samples manufactured.

The better the information you provide the manufacturers, the more time you can spend improving your product rather than amending errors.  

We can provide a variety of file types to help support the product development process.

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3D models are a good way to bring product designs to life. They provide a huge amount of detail and really bring the designs to life.


This is a really good process because of the accuracy and the ability to test materials and colours easily.




Print designs are used to inform potential clients and raise awareness of your brand.


When good branding has been applied to the print designs, clients will have more trust in your services and products. 

We can provide a range of promotional print designs that will help bridge the gap between new clients and your business.


There are many creative ways to use print materials that can help maintain existing customers, as well as tempt new ones. 

We can provide a variety of new ideas to ensure the designs harmonise with your business and increase customer interaction.

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When the products are good quality and well designed they can offer a long life of positive advertisement for your business.

Useful products are also a really good way to promote the brand. The more people that use the promotional products the more new potential clients you can attract.



A website is essential for any modern business. They can provide detailed information about your services and products, as well as use media to showcase them.

We can provide designs from fairly simple to advanced. We can create detailed wireframe designs to help work through ideas and layouts to ensure the users' experience is always a good one.

When the business and website requirements are understood, the content can be arranged to maximize the users' experience.

We want to create a platform for the clients to see your products and services in the best light. We do this by using features that make the experience easy and visually appealing.

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Online sales are growing rapidly and a fully functioning e-com website can help increase product sales dramatically. 


We can generate websites where you can sell products internationally and accept different currencies, increasing your client reach.